Rolex Watches – Love Me, Know Me

img_20150809_143851News leading: No one calculate the amount of gold used by Rolex on earth. May be someone will tell you that half of Switzerland’s gold production for use in manufacture annual year are used to make best replica watches ,which can be prove some movie clips: so many movies in wartime describe that homeless refugees in foreign land pawn their Rolex and start their business again, behind which does the Rolex’s worth work the miracle.

The founder of Rolex is the German, Hans Wilsdorf born in a city of Bavaria in Germany, who has been watch dealer and pearl dealer. In 1905, Wilsdorf cooperated with English merchant Davis establish the W&D company, the processor of Rolex Watch Company. In 1908, Wilsdorf registered officially Rolex brand in Switzerland, since then, W&D Company was named Rolex.

At the first, the reasons for naming “Rolex” is that the founder Hans Wilsdorf wants a name which can be pronounce easily in any kind of language. The first brand mark is a palm. It is said the first brand mark is a palm with five figures spread, which implies the watches made by hand completely. After the brand mark gradually become the well-known crown mark to show people the leading role Rolex plays in the watch field. The Rolex’s birthplace is not in Swiss but in Brittan. In 1999, Rolex moved from London to Geneva and begin its new business, because of the high tariff in the British.

Watch-making expertise and invert an automatically winding mechanical movement, which after was perpetual mole. The watch can withstand the water pressure under the tens of thousands of foot depth. A genius, Jacques Piccard has ever taken a piece of Rolex to the Marianas Trench. As the maturely water-proof technology, there are many extreme sport lovers like to wear Rolex Submariner Replica as a part of their equipment.

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